Wednesday, February 27, 2013

In the beginning there was a birthday and a list...

Today I turn 29... holy. shit.

Feels a little like this...

Now before you start that "Ohmygosh you're still so young!"... "Wait till you hit 50!"... "Girl you've got a whole lot of life before you!" pep talk, let me just say... I am fully aware that being less than a year away from 30 is in no way, shape, or form a tragedy nor does it make me eligible for assisted living or adult diapers. Quite the opposite. And I have, in fact, very much relished in the celebration of the anniversary of my birth or as I oddly refer to it sometimes, Uterine Emancipation Day. I look around at all the freakin' fabulous people in my life and think GODDAMN I'M LUCKY! Seriously.

In the spirit of keeping things interesting. I have concocted a list of 30 tasks adventures that I endeavor to have between now and my next birthday. Remarkably... start a blog is not on the list... but it appears that it will be a side effect of the list nonetheless.

Without further ado... Joanna's 30 before 30 list: 
  1. Shoot a gun
  2. Finish a quilt 
  3. Have a dinner party and use my wedding china
  4. Get glasses
  5. Sew something I can wear, that is not a costume, start to finish
  6. Finish Rosetta Stone Spanish
  7. Take ballroom dance classes with Jason
  8. Paint/Revamp a piece of furniture
  9. Read at least two books off of the Time "10 Greatest Books of All Time" list
  10. Watch 12 movies from Roger Ebert's list of Greatest Movies: The First 100
  11. Learn how to use power tools
  12. Volunteer for 30 hours
  13. Learn to play one song on my guitar
  14. Add 30 new albums to my vinyl collection
  15. Ride a horse
  16. Frame and hang 10 new photos
  17. Go see a musical
  18. Decide on a new go-to cocktail and master the making of it
  19. Take the train to Hanford and get ice cream at Superior Dairy
  20. Change my last name on EVERYTHING (drivers license, passport, social security card, pay check, bank accounts, etc. etc. etc.
  21. Try one new recipe a month
  22. Feed a giraffe
  23. Donate blood
  24. Mail a secret to Post Secret
  25. Take a self-defense course
  26. Get my wedding dress cleaned and properly stored
  27. Sleep under the stars (no tent) for one night
  28. Learn to BBQ
  29. Buy an original piece of art and hang it in the house
  30. Become a REAL baseball fan, completely understand the game and know the history.
So yes... that is my first blog post... you all have one... I read it... now you can read mine... or not... feel free to mock me endlessly in the comments... and I assure you there will be photos of me making a total ass out of myself to follow.



  1. I love that you have started a blog. I know I will enjoy reading it, so please post often. Hope I can help and participate with you as you check these awesome things off your list.

    PS. Definitely read Anna Karenina it's a wonderful book.

    1. Anna Karenina was actually at the top of my list for #9! How long did it take you?

  2. A couple weeks I think. I dove in and really enjoyed it. It's not tough Russian literature like Dostoyevsky (in my opinion at least). It's free on Kindle too.

  3. I look forward to hearing about your adventures!