Monday, March 4, 2013

Armed and probably not at all dangerous

I have some cool ass friends who fully support my bizarre new habit of setting asinine goals for myself, publicly posting said goals, and then demanding they read the gibberish that I have posted.

On Saturday, we had lunch to celebrate my rapid decline towards AARP membership (AKA my 29th birthday) and 2 of my ladies... Melyssa (who shall be known as Weasel in all future posts) and Melissa gave me an awesome necklace AND a shooting lesson at one of the ranges in town. How bad ass is that?! Adventure #1 is damn near in the bag my friends.

Fitzgerald rather unwillingly modeled the necklace for me. Because I wasn't digging the Myspace style in the mirror shots... reluctant Pomeranian seemed to be the next best option.

 photo Fitzwearinggunnecklacewithdetail_zpsb7ae8d84.jpg

Also, super exciting is that these two lovely ladies are going accompany me on Adventure #1. Which multiplies the hilarity exponentially by 78, which let me tell you... is a lot of ridiculousness.

There will be pictures, and maybe some video, and probably a lot of those paper men that you shoot holes in... they actually do that right? It's not just a movie thing? I have no idea...

Locked and loaded,

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  1. Weasel is prepped and ready for the first task. I'm super stoked to see you shoot the first time... and slightly scared at the same time :)